Angle Grinder Attachments

If you own an Angle Grinder, then this article is for you. Here we include all the Accessories and Attachments available for Angle Grinders. Most of them you may have never heard of. Some of these attachments are such that, you can convert your Angle Grinder to a multipurpose machine.

While most of the accessories are available for 4 inch Angle Grinders only. Make sure to read its specifications before you buy. We have also mentioned whether those attachments are of value or not. These are personal opinions only.

Angle Grinder Stand

CLIF Heavy Duty Angle 4"/5" Grinder Stand

This is a very basic attachment and is must have for those who don’t wish to purchase large expensive chop saws for cutting smaller materials. Getting straight cut through pipes using Angle Grinders is not easy. So, you need a chop saw.

Angle Grinders have a  limitation. You must decide your maximum cut diameter. If you use a 4 inch Angle Grinder, then you can cut material up to 1 inch in diameter in one pass. You can’t cut more without re-clamping the job. The reason here is that the housing of the grinder becomes an obstacle to cutting more. If you own a 5-inch grinder, you can cut up to 1.5 inches in one pass.

If you want to avoid changing discs multiple times, I would suggest using a Diamond Metal Cutter. Here you don’t need to change the disc at all. To know more about them, please read our article on Diamond Disc vs Abrasive Disc.

Angle Grinder Chain Saw Attachment

Cheston Electric Chainsaw Bracket Adapter Set for Angle Grinder Machine Woodworking Tool

The second most commonly used accessory is the Chain Saw Attachment. If you want to cut timber within your premises, but don’t want to invest in a Gasoline Chain Saw, this will be the best option. The Chain Saw Attachment on Angle Grinders will work the same way as actual Chain Saws but with reduced power.

Generally, Petrol Chainsaws are powered at around 1800 watts at the chain. A 900W 4 inch Angle Grinder can produce up to 500 watts at the chain.(900 watt is the power consumption, not the output). This is very less as compared to actual Electric saws which are rated at a minimum of 1800 watts.

The reason why electric saws cut better is that they produce extremely high torque at lower RPMs. So, more or less, they cut equally. Choose the right size for your grinder. The chainsaw bar must be oiled during usage. Most of the 11.5” attachments can fit grinders that have a housing size of not more than 43mm.

Since the attachment is mounted onto the grinder housing, it is not that strong. Before blindly going for it, inquire about prices for real electric chain saws in your locality. Chainsaws going loose can be extremely dangerous. If you don’t know what you are doing, getting professional help is advised.

Belt Sander Attachment

Angle Grinder Belt Sander Attachment

This is for those who are involved in small and precision works. The belt size is 452x15mm for the smaller one and 740x40mm for the larger one. When you buy these, you must be aware of your Grinder Size. A 4” Grinder has an M10 Spindle and a 4.5 “/ 5” Grinder has an M14 Spindle. Getting the wrong sized product won’t fit your grinder. Both are portable versions. If you own a Bench Vice, then you can mount the grinder on it and use it stationary. You can build this attachment yourself too. There are many videos on YouTube for guidance.

Also, inquire whether you get these Abrasive Belts of right Grit in your locality. If not, you need to find it on some online store.

Belt Sander with Stand

Angle Grinder Belt Sander Accessories of Sanding Machine Grinding Polishing Machine

If your job is to sharpen knives and scissors, then this attachment is for you. Generally, stationary belt sanders are too expensive and have a heavy induction motor. This is a cheaper alternative. You can mount this to a table. This also has tool rest to make the job easier. People generally use Belt Sanders for de-burring of metals before welding, grinding, rust removal, etc.

Make sure that the hole size of the attachment can fit your Angle Grinder. The belt size is 540x30mm. Grit size up to 240 is available.

Wood Carving Chisel

Wood Carving Electric Chisel M10 Adapter Set Changed 100 Angle Grinder Into Power Chisel Woodworking Tool

You get 2 chisel sets, which you can use to carve wood. Generally, for a chisel in order to operate, you need a hammer. But here, the hammering is provided by the Grinder itself. The attachment comes with 2 nuts. M10 and M14. The nut is not 100% circular. It is eccentric and that is how it produces hammer force to carry out chiseling on wood. The attachment body is made of plastic. Oiling the chisel every now and then is recommended.

Wood Cutting Chainsaw Disc

Wood Carving Disc 4-inch/100 Mm for Angle Grinder, Chainsaw Blade, Silver

This disc is made of Chainsaw Blade itself. This is used to cut wood. Here too you need to buy the right size. Generally for wood cutting, TCT Blade is already available and is not at all expensive. This disc can also be used for carving wood. Personally, I would go with the TCT than Chainsaw Disc. The choice is yours. Whichever you use, just don’t dig directly into wood. First, scratch off some material, and once the disc bites, start cutting. Digging in directly causes Kickback. 

If you are really into wood carving, then the below discs are for you. They are designed for Angle Grinders. But as said earlier, select the right size.

Steel Wood Angle Grinding Wheel Sanding Carving Rotary Tool Abrasive Disc for Angle Grinder ix-Tooth Power Wood Carving Disc Tool Milling Cutter for 16mm Aperture

Angle Grinder Drill Chuck

Well, personally I don’t recommend this product to anyone. You may ask why?
Drill bits have RPM ratings. Exceeding RPM ratings make them shatter. Even the smallest drill bits of 2-3mmhave RPM limitations of about 4000 RPM. All the 4-inch grinders run more than 9000 RPM. Even if you reduce speed, it will be useless because you will lose all the torque. 

10mm Drill Chuck Converter Quick Change Adapter For 4 inch Angle Grinder M10 Thread

Again you need an adapter so that you can mount the chuck which has a ½” thread with 16mm Spindle Size. That’s not worth it. So buy a drilling machine itself. Be Safe Work Safe.

Buy Links: I suggest not to buy. Get a Drilling Machine instead.

5 thoughts on “Angle Grinder Attachments”

  1. I already purchased one Angle Grinder Drill Chuck. Is it safe to use or if not what is the risk ?

  2. Drill Bit shatter is itself the risk. Drilling must take place at a lower speed which is specified. Drilling fast won’t work. This will even blunt the Bit early.
    If you want to know about RPM’s to use for Drill bits, then look for Bosch HSS-R packaging.
    Thanks & Work Safe.

  3. Appreciates your knowledge in this filed.
    I had one 4” hitachi angle grinder. It is with 580w and 11000 n Rpm. Made 5” safety guard and attached it with a base. Now can I run 110mmx1.5×20.0 wood cutter blade of 12000Rpm on it? Is it safe? Does it need to reduce the speed for reduced Rpm , Using dimmer? This is only for my DIY not for long run.
    Any power tools for chiseling eg:for making wood joineries

  4. Hi, Thanks for your comment. Your Mod is safe to use. Appreciate you prefer to work safely with a guard. 4 and 5″ TCT blades can handle such RPMs up to 12K RPM. If you use a speed controller, you will lose torque on your machine.
    By the way, all grinders that mention 12K RPM in specs rotate at a maximum of 10K RPM. Also, that RPM depends on input AV Voltage. So, no worries

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