About Us

Hello and Welcome to www.smartDIYer.com. This website is all about Hand Tools and Power Tools.

In our website we share, Tool Buying Guides. Also, we share information that is likely considered to be ‘Must Known’ for our Audience. This may include articles relating to Electrical and Automotive content our viewers may like.

The aim of this website is to Educate new DIYers about Power Tools. Educate them on which Machine/Tools they should be buying for their purpose, thus saving money and time.

We may also share products which we find as better deals to go for. Here consumer can save his time researching and can directly pick up a product with clearly mentioned details about it on our website. For us, no tool is better than the other. We respect all brands.

We run a YouTube channel (in Hindi Language) called as smartDIYer. Here we produce video content on buying guides for power tools. We have gained a good community over there. If you liked our content there, consider subscribing.

Thank You, have a great sparkling day.